Webinar: Putting the Manufacturing Buyer in the Driver’s seat

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Steps to Successfully Deploying Customer Self-Service in Manufacturing

The B2B buying experience in manufacturing has been exposed as high-touch, complicated, and disjointed. Partner that with recent economic uncertainty, social distancing practices, and travel restrictions, and you have a new sense of urgency to digitalize quickly!

With digitalization transforming every aspect of business, from the front office to the factory floor, the choice is simple - and stark. Manufacturers that wholeheartedly embrace these technologies will thrive - those that do not (or do so half-heartedly) will fail.

So how can you leverage advances in engineering, production, and logistics with similar leaps forward on the front-end customer experience?

In this webinar learn how to:

Experience a live solution demo that puts customers in the driver’s seat. We’ll demonstrate how personalized customer experiences beginning with product configuration, real-time 3D visualization and proposal collaboration creates frictionless buying experience while increasing sales efficiency.

We’ll also stick around after the webinar to answer any questions you have.


We hope to see you on September 17th, 2020, 1pm Central/ 2pm Eastern.