Configure Anything

with Tacton CPQ System Configuration​

You think your product is too complex for a configurator to handle? Well, think again. ​

By introducing System Configuration in Tacton CPQ, we further strengthen our leader position in complex product configuration. ​

With System Configuration you can split large configuration problems into smaller chunks, thereby avoiding performance issues. You can let your sales reps reorder and rearrange the chunks - or nodes - in the system, while still ensuring valid overall system configuration. ​

This means that you can confidently offer large system configurations while maintaining high performance and seamless sales experience. Never suffer from performance issues again.. ​

Learn more from Tacton experts in our product launch webinar.

Tacton CPQ System Configuration at a glance

Pain Points

Large-scale system can only be sold through ETO =>
high cost-of-sales

Sub-optimal CPQ performance =>
poor UX and adoption

Lengthy CPQ implementation projects =>
long time to value


Large scale configuration split in small connected products

Constraint technology for configurable products, and rules and actions for connection in the system

Products order and hierarchy arranged by user


Fast and seamless sales experience when offering large system configurations

Faster time-to-value in CPQ project

Lower maintenance costs of CPQ solution

Want to know if your products are suitable for Tacton CPQ and System Configuration?​

One common objection we hear from B2B manufacturers is that they think their products are too complex for a configurator. And for over 25 years Tacton’s award winning, constraints-based SaaS configuration technology has proved them wrong. ​

Where other configurators have been unable to express the variance required or been slow in performance, Tacton has proven to be the best in complex product configuration (see for instance Gartner MQ for CPQ). ​​

With Tacton CPQ System Configuration you confidently Configure, Price & Quote your large-scale systems with low sales costs and great sales tool performance.

Already a Tacton CPQ customer?​

If you have access to Tacton CPQ Administration, you can read more about setting up and using System Configuration in our Help Center. Or contact your Customer Success Manager to get your organization started​

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